How Geothermal Loops are Installed

We’ve been doing open loop geothermal since the early 80’s. Always seemed to have water problems whether it was getting rid of the water, wells running dry, or nasty buildup. Since 1994, we’ve installed closed loop geothermal systems and had much better results.

One of the common questions is about how the loops are installed. Below are a few pictures of the equipment used to drill.

How loops are installed
How geothermal drilling works
Geothermal installation in progress

After the drilling is done, time for excavation where the loop field is “header up” and brought into the house to connect to the geothermal flow center which then connects to the geothermal unit.

Here is how a typical “rough grade” will look after they complete the installation of the loops. On occasion, the yard will not restore quite this nicely. About a year later, this yard will be back to it’s original condition.
geothermal installation in progress
The yard after the earth has settled
After settling a bit it's time to plant grass

This is a different drilling rig.

One of our drilling rigs for a geothermal installation

Please note these are pictures of jobs being done for Gordon Air Conditioning taken by Thomas Gordon. If you see them anywhere else, they got them from this site

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