Heat Pump Maintenance in Crestview, Florida

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Heat pump maintenance in Crestview, Florida, is critical for keeping your heat pump working efficiently for many years.

It’s the simplest approach to save energy and bypass an expensive, annoying repair call.

When you don’t have a semi-yearly maintenance appointment, your heat pump can make you responsible for a lot in electricity costs and home comfort. Studies have learned heat pumps that aren’t maintained operate roughly.

An extremely overlooked outside unit can eat up 10 to 25 percent more electricity than a taken care of unit, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

You’ll see that shown on your utility expenses each month—and it won’t be a low price.

Maintenance makes your heat pump more reliable too. You could have complications hiding just out of sight. A professional service visit can help manage them before they become a problem.

There’s a high probability you’ll avoid service calls for common trouble like freezing up or continuous operation. And that saves you time and money. Contact the heating and cooling pros at 850-250-0335 to request your appointment now.


How Often Should My Heat Pump Be Maintained?

We advise bringing in a pro at least biannually—once in the fall and once in the spring. When seasons begin to get warmer or colder, it’s a good time for heating and cooling service.

Your unit operates all year to keep your family comfortable. All of that effort can cause strain or even a service call, especially if you neglect maintenance.

Heat Pump Service List

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You already understand maintenance is important for an efficient, reliable heat pump. But what can you do to plan for your upcoming maintenance? Here are a couple DIY tasks to do before your Gordon Air Conditioning specialist arrives:
  • Inspect your outdoor equipment. Your heat pump needs to stay free all the time to keep your house pleasant. Double check there’s no clutter resting on or by your system. You’ll want about two feet free around your unit in all directions.
  • Spruce up your unit. Ensure your outside unit isn’t dirty. If you spot dirt buildup, shut it off and delicately spray it with a decreased pressure hose. Eliminate dirt inside your residence by wiping your vents clean.
  • Periodically replace your your air filter. Your air filter keeps your air fresh and your heat pump running efficiently. Make sure to replace it every several months.

What You Can Anticipate During Heat Pump Maintenance

Lennox heat pump maintenance
When your pro does get there, they’ll have a full guide of their own to tackle. Here are a couple of jobs your Gordon Air Conditioning expert will complete during routine maintenance.

1. Completely inspect your equipment.

Your technician will inspect a range of different components of your equipment—like your ducts, coil, blower, motor and more—for buildup.

2. Wipe down your unit.

If they find dust in your equipment, your specialist will remove it. They’ll also clean your coils and condensate pan.

3. Measure refrigerant.

Your specialist will inspect your refrigerant level and replenish it if necessary.

4. Examine moving parts.

Your system is built from pieces that need to run smoothly. If your expert spots problems, they’ll grease your system’s components.

5. Examine electrical connections.

Your system is a complex electrical appliance. Make sure it’s safe with a visit from a Gordon Air Conditioning professional.

Set Your Heat Pump Service Appointment Now

In regard to your home comfort, performance and reliability, heat pump maintenance is one of the most impactful tasks you can complete. The Gordon Air Conditioning team is available when you need assistance. Get in touch with us at 850-250-0335 or request an appointment with us online.

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