A note from Thomas Gordon

With utility rebates, tax incentives, and media push, there are several companies “green washing” their products and/or trying to reinvent themselves with their green shirts, green business cards, and recycled letter head.

At Gordon Air Conditioning, much like the country song, we were green before green was cool. Our first geothermal system was installed in 1981. Since then we’ve stayed consistently as the 2nd – 3rd largest volume dealer for WaterFurnace in Florida although of the three, we’re the smallest company. Some supposed experts are talking the big talk but do they have geothermal in their house? Why not? If it’s soooo great you would think they would have it in their home. We’ve won award after award for doing homes right and “put our money where our mouth is” by having geothermal in my last three personal homes, parent’s home, and sister’s home. All of the accolades for Gordon Air can be read on our Awards page or come see the pictures at our office with Case Studies and lastly about Gordon Air and then about me and if that’s not enough, more about me.

So why WaterFurnace? In 1994 I was approached by Gulf Power and WaterFurnace about offering closed loop geothermal systems. Gordon Air would be the first contractor in the area to offer closed loop geothermal so I had the opportunity to look at every manufacturer. I found that WaterFurnace was the best thing going after spending countless hours on the internet (which wasn’t like it is now), on the phone, and talking with the very few contractors offering geothermal.

In 2009 I went to a show for air conditioning & heating. There were twelve geothermal manufacturers there. I walked into each booth asking about their training, product, service, warranty, and pricing. First question, “tell me about training.” Half of them did NOT offer any type of training. The other half said I could sell their product if I was a WaterFurnace dealer. Think about that for a moment. In essence they were saying, if you sell WaterFurnace, we feel confident you can sell our product.

Why is that? What I’ve found in the geothermal world is there is WaterFurnace and then there’s everyone else. WaterFurnace is the only major factory direct manufacture so the number I call to order your equipment from is the same number I call about warranty issues, design questions, tech support, training opportunities, and even brochures. I looked at another brand that sounded promising but they were manufacturer to distributor to contractor and that can make for a nightmare when trying to get tech support or solve warranty issues.

This leads to the WaterFurnace brand. To my knowledge, WaterFurnace is the only manufacturer that designs it’s own equipment and offers a total line of products from unit, to geolink piping, to earth coupling flow centers, to thermostats, to filters. Every other manufacturer I’ve looked at offers a unit and it’s up to the contractor to put the rest of the pieces together. Even the loop design software is by WaterFurnace. I make one call to WaterFurnace and get the entire system shipped directly to us.

Other major advantage to WaterFurnace is the training. Some manufactures offer ZERO training. But boy oh boy they have a great price! I went into a mansion on the south end of the county with some geothermal product that I had never heard of. Homeowner was having comfort problems partially because the installing contractor made some large fundamental errors in the loop design and the equipment looked (and sounded) like a beer can with a compressor in it. Homeowner told me it was cheap. I said “yea, didn’t cost much either.” Unfortunately geothermal technology took a beating on this home because it looked like he used a sprinkler guy with the cheapest junk out there.

So in a nut shell, while there’s a thin line between bragging and simply being confident, we’ve worked hard to couple the most award winning air conditioning contractor in Southeast USA with the best manufacture. As of this writing, we’re the only company offering factory direct equipment with all the certifications and track record to prove we’re the place to go for geothermal heating & cooling.