Improved Air Quality through Whole Home Ventilation

With all the homes so tightly constructed in Crestview, proper ventilation is crucial to keeping your air free of contaminants and preserve a healthy home environment. Minimal home ventilation means that contaminents are staying in your home rather than leaving, along with moisture and mildew.

Because of this, ventilation issues have become a more common problem that people need solved. That’s where Gordon Air Conditioning can help. In Okaloosa County there are a variety of ventilation systems to take care of all your indoor air quality needs, no matter the climate.

Healthy Climate Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Ok, so your climate is a little warmer than normal but you still can’t figure out what to do to solve your home ventilation problem. Worry no more, you’re in the right place. With a Healthy Climate Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) from Gordon Air Conditioning in Crestview you can finally take back control of your home’s comfort.

Designed so that you have little or no energy loss, the ERV can give you a home where fresh air abounds. By taking out the moisture and heat from your indoor air and sending it outside, your home is able to maintain great humidity levels, giving you the environment you’ve always wanted.

The ERV features:

  • Provides cleaner, fresher indoor air
  • Designed to provide comfort in humid and warm climates
  • Transfers incoming humidity back outside
  • Will not restrict airflow so you know you have proper filtration
  • Ideal for new homes with efficiency upgrades
  • All units include a Healthy Climate® control
  • No ozone emissions
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components
Healthy Climate Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Okaloosa County, determining the ideal ventilation system doesn’t have to be difficult. Give us a shout if you have any questions about our home ventilation systems, we’ll gladly help you figure out the right option for your home and budget. Set up an appointment online with our online scheduler or give us a buzz at 850-250-0335 today.