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You hardly worry about your heat pump until it stops working like it should. When that happens, it’s time-consuming to lay around for heat pump repair in Shalimar. Rather than waste your time with subpar service, choose the HVAC specialists at Gordon Air Conditioning. We have the expertise and tool set to identify what’s malfunctioning and fix it fast. So you can go back to enjoying the comfort of your home.

Our certified, insured and licensed repair staff are legendary for their diligence. We offer a large variety of HVAC services for your heat pump. We do our best to get the job completed correctly the first time since you have better things to worry about.

If you have a heat pump, we’re confident we’ll take care of whatever problem. If you believe there could be something wrong with your heat pump, don’t wait a minute longer. Call the experts at Gordon Air Conditioning today.

There are many different ways your heat pump could malfunction. But there are also lots of ways for you to supervise its condition. Your senses are some of your best tools. They’ll become used to how a heat pump looks, sounds and smells. The next time you detect anything unusual, you’ll have the chance to act quickly.

Sometimes your heat pump isn’t running entirely. There are lots of different causes, but your thermostat is the first place to look. Sometimes it’s as straightforward to fix as updating the settings or programming.

Another common problem is spotty airflow. While keeping vents open will help, typically it’s fixed by replacing your air filter. Change the filter every couple of months to reduce dirt buildup. In some cases the problem is with the evaporator coils, and will need professional service.

If the problem appears electrical, you might discover exposed wiring. Feel free to contact us if you do. We’ll replace or repair the wiring quickly and safely.

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Heat Pump Service in Shalimar and Surrounding Areas

Once you realize your heat pump isn’t working normally, why settle for a subpar technician? At Gordon Air Conditioning, we offer the best heat pump service in Shalimar. We’re ready to handle whatever repairs or maintenance you need. The time and money we save are yours.

Your heat pump deserves quality attention because of how much it works for you. It runs 24/7 throughout the year to both heat and cool your home. As you could imagine, that’s a lot of wear and tear. Without quality maintenance, your heat pump faces additional problems and malfunctions in its lifetime.

Investing in maintenance now means saving time, money and stress later. It’s why our annual heat pump maintenance plans are so popular. Over the course of each scheduled service visit, we’ll check all key parts and replace or clean any needing additional attention. Your heat pump may enjoy a boost in energy efficiency. Feel free to ask one of our knowledgeable technicians about more information on how a maintenance plan serves your heat pump.

If a heat pump is past repair, think about heat pump installation in Shalimar. We’ll provide a seamless swap to the brand-new system. These updated models are quieter and more energy efficient than ever. They sustain the temperature you want with less energy. Some models can even be integrated into existing furnaces, a much better alternative than spending more money to keep your old heat pump afloat. Keep an eye on its age as well as your energy bills to figure out when it would be best to replace it.

Don’t worry about knowing all the specifics about possible heat pump options. In fact, we prefer to help you compare your choices. You’ll know which brand, model or additional features best satisfy your needs and budget. Whatever you end up deciding on, we are sure it will serve you well for years to come.

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