Our Heat Pump Repair in Ponce De Leon, Florida Will Get Your Home Comfy Again Quickly

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People don’t worry about their heat pump on a regular basis. As long as it’s functioning normally, there’s little to be worried about. We know how irritating it is to find something’s gone wrong, namely if the only thing to do is lay for heat pump repair in Ponce De Leon. If you’d like to avoid all the hassle, the heating and cooling pros at Gordon Air Conditioning are happy to help.

That’s because our fully trained, insured and licensed technicians are devoted to providing you with the utmost best in customer service. We are second to none at identifying problems and removing them quickly and safely. We have the tools and skill set to finish every heat pump call we take, however big or small.

If you own a heat pump to warm or cool your home, our technicians understand how to keep it performing in the best possible shape. We won’t leave a job until it’s done correctly the first time. If you believe something may be wrong with your heat pump, or if you’d like us to provide routine maintenance, we’re excited to help however we can.

While severe heat pump problems may be complex and best served by a qualified technician, keeping an eye on its health is comparatively easy. You can detect problems before they get worse. Your own senses can be useful tools. Knowing how your heat pump is supposed to look, sound and even smell can help prepare you for knowing when something isn’t doing what it should.

A common issue many owners’ heat pumps face is weak heating. If your pump can’t reach the desired temperature, you should take a look at your thermostat.

Other people struggle with weak airflow, generally because of a dirty air filter. Don’t forget to replace your heat pump’s air filter every three or so months. Your heat pump will run more effectively, preventing debris from affecting the rest of your HVAC system.

If the heat pump isn’t starting to begin with, there may be a faulty electrical component. If you find damaged wiring, remember to practice caution!

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Heat Pump Service in Ponce De Leon and Surrounding Areas

After you’ve learned there’s something wrong with your heat pump, it’s time to think about getting heat pump service in Ponce De Leon. Thankfully for you, we excel at all sorts of heat pump repairs and servicing. Our repair techs can take care of any problem, and the time and money we save is yours to keep.

You might wonder why your heat pump deserves all this extra attention. It works tirelessly for you every day of the year to heat and cool your home. Annoyingly, that might result in extra wear and tear over the years. If your heat pump isn’t routinely maintained, it increases the chance your system runs less efficiently. In serious cases it might even experience a pricey breakdown.

We like to avoid that if at all possible, so why not look into participating in one of our annual heat pump maintenance plans? These plans are designed with the long-term health of your heat pump in mind, arranging service calls throughout the year. We’ll have time to root out problems and provide repairs on key components. If you’re curious, don’t hesitate to ask one of our specialists the next time they’re nearby. They’ll be happy to provide more details.

If you’ve decided your heating and cooling system needs to be replaced, that’s okay! We excel at heat pump installation in Ponce De Leon, offering a seamless transition from the old heat pump to the new one. If you’re uncertain about when to install a new pump, consider the age of your heat pump, the frequency of repairs and the usual energy costs. Newer models are quieter and more energy efficient than ever before. You’ll immediately notice the improvement as you enjoy the comfort of your home.

It’s alright if you don’t know all the details about possible options. In fact, we prefer to learn more about your specific needs and budget. Then we’ll explore brands, pricing and desired features until you’ve made the best choice for your home. You’ll end up with a dependable product that will serve you well for years to come.

So contact us today through our site, or reach us by phone by giving us a call at 850-250-0335.

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