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It’s important to keep cool during those sweltering summer temps. That’s why it’s all the more annoying when you have to deal with a broken or malfunctioning air conditioner. But instead of getting out the ice packs, why not hire one of our experienced HVAC specialists at Gordon Air Conditioning? We work quicker than other companies to get your home or business’s AC running again, making for the best AC repair in Niceville.

That’s because our technicians are committed to providing you the very best in customer satisfaction.We know how crucial your comfort and peace of mind is. And we promise to complete all jobs just how you want them the first time so you won’t have to deal with poor service again.

If you’re looking for emergency repairs or a routine inspection, Gordon Air Conditioning is standing by. The next time the heat comes surging through, you’ll be well-prepared.

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Many extensive or complex problems that can happen to your HVAC system need the experience and tools of a licensed professional. But did you know there are many smaller tasks you can complete on your own to keep your AC in decent shape? Here are a few of the most common ones across makes and models.

If your unit won’t even turn on, it might mean something is wrong with your thermostat or circuit breaker. Closely inspect switches or displays to make sure they’re correct, but don’t touch any wiring that looks damaged.

Untreated, warm air is also a frequent problem. This is most likely because there’s something clogging your air filter. Periodically replace the filter. You’ll prevent dust and debris from reaching further into your home or business.

And there’s always the possibility your AC simply isn’t capable enough to actually cool your home. This is also often because of debris buildup somewhere in the air vents. It can even be because your system isn’t enough for your cooling needs.

Other signs to look out for include stains near the HVAC equipment or unusual sounds coming from the system. You could easily stop a problem before it becomes more severe, saving you time and stress in the long run.

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AC Service in Niceville and Surrounding Areas

There are many benefits to letting the pros at Gordon Air Conditioning take care of your AC service in Niceville. You can be certain that every job is being handled with experience and thorough training on all makes and models of HVAC equipment. This will reduce the need to make emergency service calls. It can also enhance its energy efficiency, leaving you with a more productive, cost-effective air conditioner.

If that sounds interesting to you, why not ask one of our technicians about our comprehensive AC maintenance plans? Regularly scheduling inspections and light maintenance stops many problems from happening in the first place. We’ll have the chance to look over important parts, and maintain any that could use extra attention. This might add years to your air conditioner’s overall life span, saving you even more money.

We also offer some of the fastest, most dependable AC installation in Niceville. If you’re not sure about whether to swap out your air conditioning system, take into account its age and how much money you’re spending on upkeep. Also think about how often you find yourself scheduling service calls. Air conditioners typically last for 10-15 years, so start looking into a replacement when yours is that old. We’ll sit down with you to discuss all potential choices as well as brands and features. That way you’ll be positive you know which model will be best for you and your home. And we offer a wide variety of durable, efficient models.

Gordon Air Conditioning is ready to handle whatever problem you may be having with your HVAC system. We’ll do so fast, professionally and safely. For more details, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 850-250-0335 or contact us online.

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