Get Your House Comfy Again Fast with Our Pro Heat Pump Repair in Mossy Head, Florida

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Being trapped without a working heat pump is a hassle no one should deal with. That’s why our talented heat pump specialists are devoted to finding and fixing the problem quickly and safely. That’s par for the course when it comes to heat pump repair in Mossy Head.

We’re legendary for our responsive, outstanding work on a large range of heating and cooling systems including your heat pump. Our veteran staff has the tools and training to get every job right the first time around, giving you time to focus on better things.

If you have a heat pump, our repair staff can keep it in outstanding working health. No matter the size or difficulty of the job, we won’t walk away until your utility needs are met. If you believe something is wrong with your heat pump, don’t forget to call Gordon Air Conditioning today!

Unsure of how to identify a possible problem with your heat pump? Here are several things to check for:

If your heat pump can’t maintain the desired temperature, check your thermostat first. In some cases taking care of the problem is as easy as adjusting the settings. If that isn’t the case, there could be a refrigerant leak, which is a more serious problem.

Another common problem is poor airflow, generally because of a dirty air filter. Change it every three months to prevent dust and debris from getting into the rest of your HVAC system. If the problem is with an intricate component like the evaporator coils, you will probably need professional service.

If your heat pump isn’t running to begin with, we may have to check all relevant electrical systems like the thermostat and breaker box. If we discover faulty wiring, we’ll replace it quickly and safely.

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Heat Pump Service in Mossy Head and Surrounding Areas

Once you’ve discovered your heat pump requires professional maintenance, you’ll be on the hunt for quality heat pump service in Mossy Head. Fortunately for you, you won’t have to look anywhere other than Gordon Air Conditioning for the best in town. Our technicians perform any heat pump repairs or servicing. Any time or money we save goes right back to you.

It’s crucial to keep your heat pump in good condition because it works every day throughout the year to heat and cool your home. Without proper maintenance, your pump might wear down faster.

Doing so will spare you from excessive service calls. In fact, you might get a boost to its energy efficiency and overall life span. We offer comprehensive heat pump maintenance plans to keep your HVAC system in the best possible shape. Ask us for info the next time we’re in the neighborhood!

And when you’ve figured out it’s time for an upgrade, we’re happy to provide you with heat pump installation in Mossy Head. You’ll enjoy several benefits with a new heat pump system. Current technology improved these systems’ ability to sustain comfy temperatures without giving up energy efficiency. You’ll also appreciate reduced energy bills. Some systems can even be linked to your furnace, combining natural gas and electricity to save you money. Finally, new systems run more quietly and consistently.

If that sounds like a fantastic deal, not only do we provide unrivaled customer service, but our available options suit a wide variety of homes and businesses. We’ll help you compare brands, pricing and additional features until you are certain what model is right for you.

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