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A broken or faulty heat pump is exhausting to deal with. There are more important things to do than lay around all day for heat pump repair in Miramar Beach. If you want to skip the frustration and wasted time, why not call the best name in HVAC service? Gordon Air Conditioning and our team of qualified, insured and licensed heat pump techs can help. They have the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to provide quality service for any heat pump issue you’re struggling with.

If you have a heat pump, chances are we’ve come across the problem before. We’ll hurry over quickly to locate and fix the problem, giving you the chance to worry about other tasks. We won’t rest until the job is done properly the first time. Get on top of the problem by letting us know what’s wrong today. Big or small, the technicians at Gordon Air Conditioning can do it all.

If you are uncertain how to spot a heat pump problem, your own senses are beneficial tools. Get your senses used to what a functioning pump looks, sounds and even smells like. You’ll better recognize when something is defective. This could stop problems before they grow into something worse.

One typical issue with heat pumps is spotty heating. Fortunately, sometimes fixing it is as easy as checking your thermostat. Change the settings and programming first. If that doesn’t help, a professional tech might be required.

Another problem people often struggle with is bad airflow. Inspect nearby vents for signs of clogs. If everything appears to be clear, it may be the heat pump itself. Most of the time it’s your air filter. Change it every few months to prevent debris buildup. In some cases it affects more intricate systems like the evaporator coils. While changing the filter is simple, a problem with the evaporator coils will be best resolved with professional maintenance.

Sometimes, your heat pump won’t turn on at all. In many cases this is electrical, so try examining your thermostat or breaker box first. If you can’t locate anything wrong, or if you find damaged wiring, let us know. We’ll handle it quickly and safely.

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Heat Pump Service in Miramar Beach and Surrounding Areas

As soon as you’ve realized your heat pump requires repairs, don’t trouble yourself with bad service. Gordon Air Conditioning works faster and more efficiently than anyone else in Miramar Beach when it comes to heat pump service. We’re well-known for tackling all heat pump repairs with care and speed. Any time or money we save is yours to use

Your heat pump is a key part of any HVAC system, working every day throughout the year to both heat and cool your home. Without proper attention, your heat pump might wear down quickly, resulting in a total breakdown or other costly emergency.

It’s an investment into the overall health of your HVAC equipment. Periodic service visits give us the time to carefully examine and maintain central parts. This might increase your heat pump’s energy efficiency, resulting in decreased monthly heating and cooling bills. The best way to get regular maintenance is to sign up for one of our annual heat pump maintenance plans. Ask one of our technicians for more information.

As qualified as our technicians are, they can’t keep your heat pump alive forever. There will come a time your heat pump needs to work harder and harder to provide comfortable temperatures. Soon enough you’ll have to schedule constant repair visits to keep your old system alive. You could end up spending more than what a new system costs. We’d like to offer our outstanding heat pump installation in Miramar Beach. We’ll provide a stress-free transition to your new heat pump. New models are more productive and energy efficient than ever.

Don’t worry about knowing everything about available options right away. We’re more than happy to help you review them. We’ll discuss brands, pricing and additional features you want. When we’re done, we’re confident you’ll make a wise choice suited to your needs and budget.

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