Our Heat Pump Repair in Lake Lorraine, Florida Will Get Your Unit Running Again Quickly

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Ever been stuck without a working heat pump right before a cold front or heat wave arrives? If you have, you know how frustrating it can be, particularly when the only thing to do is wait around for heat pump repair in Lake Lorraine. Alternatively, why not depend on the licensed, insured and certified HVAC experts at Gordon Air Conditioning? We’re devoted to providing you the very best in fast, consistent service for all your heat pump needs.

It’s why we’re renowned in the community. We work toward safety, professionalism and getting the job done correctly the first time you call. You’ll have the chance to concentrate on other things.

If you have a heat pump to heat and cool your home, chances are high we’ve seen your problem before, and should have it back up very soon. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for routine maintenance or responsive emergency repairs. No matter the job, we’re ready to help.

While a heat pump may appear like a complicated piece of machinery, identifying a malfunction doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, your senses can be some of the most helpful tools at your disposal. As you get used to how your heat pump runs normally, strange stains, noises and even smells will be obvious.

A common sign for a malfunctioning heat pump is when it struggles to reach the desired temperature. If you’re lucky, taking care of the problem is as easy as adjusting the programming.

Another problem many people deal with is poor airflow. Generally this is because of a dirty air filter, but sometimes it’s the heat pump itself. Your evaporator coils may be faulty.

If your heat pump won’t even start entirely, inspecting any important electrical systems could reveal the cause. Check the thermostat and breaker box first. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you could have exposed wiring. At this point, it’s wise to contact professional technicians!

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Heat Pump Service in Lake Lorraine and Surrounding Areas

Once you’ve uncovered a problem with your heat pump, you could be considering quality heat pump service in Lake Lorraine. Luckily, Gordon Air Conditioning provides the best service in town for any heat pump trouble you might have. All the time and money we’ll save is yours to enjoy.

Your heat pump benefits from extra attention because it works tirelessly for you. A quality heat pump runs every every day, every day of the year to both heat and cool your home. Without proper maintenance, the odds go up that your heat pump will experience a total breakdown.

That’s why we suggest enrolling in our annual heat pump maintenance plans. We develop these plans to spread out periodic service calls a couple times a year, giving us as many chances to inspect your heat pump’s health. If you’d be interested in enrolling, please don’t neglect to ask for more info from one of our technicians! They’ll be glad to fill you in.

Although not even the best technician in the world can make your heat pump last forever. As time wears on, your heat pump eventually runs less productively. It will need frequent service visits to remain in working shape. Sooner or later you’ll be paying more than what a new heat pump costs. Why not start looking into heat pump installation in Lake Lorraine instead? Modern technology make these newer systems faster, quieter and more effective. You’ll enjoy enhanced energy efficiency and decreased heating and cooling costs right from the start. We offer a quick transition to your new heat pump. In some cases we can even integrate it into existing HVAC equipment.

Don’t fret about knowing all the ins and outs about possible replacements right away. We’re happy to help compare your choices. We’ll walk through brands, pricing and desired features until you’re sure you have the model ideal for your needs and budget. You’ll walk away knowing you made a smart, financially sound decision.

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