Changing seasons

Consistent Comfort No Matter The Season in Crestview with Air Conditioner Service

No matter what part of the year it is, and no matter how cold or hot is it outside, there is one thing that we all depend on in our homes: comfort. Essentially, that our air conditioner and furnace will operate properly and keep us comfortable. This consistent comfort through the transitions of the seasons can only be reached through regularly scheduled air conditioner service. It’s something that most homeowners put off or forget about, but now is the best time to have your air conditioner checked before the warm spring air arrives. These services on your system not only guarantee your comfort, but they also can identify and fix budding problems before they fully appear.

Here are a couple of things you can anticipate from the pros during an air conditioner tune-up:

  • Clean your indoor and outdoor coils to make sure that your system is operating at its best and that they are unobstructed of dust or dirt.
  • Check the filters in your system to confirm that there isn’t a dirty filter requiring your system to work harder than it needs to, decreasing the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system.
  • Check the refrigerant levels to check that they are at the correct levels. Levels of refrigerant that are too high or too low can mess with the efficiency of your system.
  • Check the overall system performance to find if there are any potential problems that they might need to look at again moving forward.
  • Clean the blower and fan blades for quiet operation of your system.

The experts at Gordon Air Conditioning know exactly how to keep your heating and cooling system operating at peak performance. You should never have to compromise your comfort because of an issue with your air conditioner – maintain your investment and let our experts at Gordon Air Conditioning keep your comfort as their top priority. Give them a call at 850-682-5509 or arrange an appointment online to get your heating and cooling system fixed now.