Case Study - The Newby Home

In 1996, Marvon Newby came to my office to discuss his future home here in Crestview, Florida. In 1999, it finally became a reality. Mr. Newby researched this home more than any customer I have ever encountered. I am pleased to say that it paid off after seeing his first power bills. But this isn't just an energy efficient home. The Newby's home is almost sound proof and hurricane proof as well. Take a tour on the next three pages discussing the Arxx Building Products® construction, wet cellulose & radiant barriers, and WaterFurnace® geothermal heating & cooling system.

The whole intention of this web page is to be informational on how to build a 3068 square foot home with 10 foot ceilings and still expect the total power bill to be less than $65 a month. Energy efficient homes don't have to be ugly or expensive. The Newby home looks like many other homes on the outside with about 30-40% the power bill. An energy efficient home can be built for 10-15% more than an inefficient home. Take the time to research your builder and opinions before building your home.

The Newby home in Crestview, Florida

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