Case Study Gordon 2010

To achieve the highest level of comfort with absolute minimum infiltration, bottom plates sealed with foam strips, foamed window casings, framing studs turned to maximize insulation, bottom plates perimeter caulked, window seals caulked, Icynene foam insulation for walls and roof deck, and Low E windows. Home scored a HERS rating of 45 making it the lowest scoring Earth Cents home in Northwest Florida!

The home comfort system is WaterFurnace three ton geothermal. Two stage compressor, twelve speed variable blower, touchscreen programmable thermostats, remote sensors, four zones, and fiberglass free duct system.

With a two stage compressor, the geothermal system has an EER of 20.1-30.0. While there isn't an equivalent SEER rating per se, for comparison purposes, a 19 SEER air conditioner has an EER of 13.55. Roughly twice the efficieny of the flagship conventional systems.

For water heating, a WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump for high volume water heating with a 17.5 EER/3.1 COP rating using a Hyperloop in lieu of the normal vertical loop.

Other than electric range/oven, all appliances and even a few ceiling fans are Energy Star rated. CFL & LED lights used in 95% of the fixtures.

Power consumption is estimated at $91 per month (based on 25KWH per day at $0.12 KW).

1867 sq ft downstairs with 318sq ft bonus suite with conditioned storage area above the living room making the total living space at 2185 sq ft.

This beautiful home is the epitome of being able to build a customized home with all the upgrades, high end home audio/visual system, and super-efficient home comfort system.

Special thank you to: WaterFurnace International Gulf Power City of Crestview Inspections (For always being prompt & helpful) Kim Casson (HERS rater) Steven Simpson (Audio/Visual Expert) Jimmy Burgess (Insulation Contractor) Terry Hymel of Bluewater Vacuum

Conceptual drawing:

Final plan:

A very long page with stages of completion.

*As of June 1, 2011.

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